About us

洛奇品牌的由来,源自英文Rock Kids,意为拥有“自由、创新和独立”精神的孩子,我们引进世界各地的优秀课程,为3至12岁的孩子提供享誉全球的先进教育理念,同时结合国内美术培训 与考试的发展方向,培养具有高度审美能力与创作能力的美学新星,为儿童美术教育树立行业标杆,打造全球范围内的艺术教育领导品牌。



Luo Qi, the origin of the brand, derived from English “Rock Kids”, it means the children who are full of the spirit of "freedom, innovation and independent", we introduce excellent courses all over the world, provide the advanced education concept of the world's most prestigious for children from 3 to 12 , and combining with the development direction of domestic art training and examination, to cultivate the future artists with highly aesthetic ability and creative ability, setting up the industry benchmark for the children arts education , to build a leading brand of art education in the global range.

In the free, open and bold art environment of Luo Qi, every child will give full play to the inner potential of art, and through the guidance of professional teachers, the mysteries of the aesthetic world will be explored gradually, they will develop creation and inspiration in every game and logical thinking training, with the progress of basic skills, we offer the more rigorous training in techniques, to pave the way of the art life journey in the future for the children.
Luo Qi believes that every child is an artist.